Sunday, January 3, 2010


I had to work this morning at seven, which meant that I had to be up around five-thirty so that I could be out the door shortly after six-thirty. I went to work and spent the next four hours doing nearly nothing. It was the SLOWEST four hour shift I have ever worked in my life! I forgot to look at the credit card sales, but the cash sales for those four hours (plus an hour prior to that) totaled a whopping $97.00! Woo hoo. (Major sarcasm there!) The most excitement of my day was when a customer's car wouldn't start and he bought jumper cables from us and my assistant manager told me to go jump the guy's car. Seriously. The highlight of my day at work.

But doing nothing all day at work, following an early morning, which followed a late night had me wiped out by noon (add to that the fact that all I had eaten was a doughnut...not the greatest option, but hey, it was free breakfast!) But anyhow, after stopping off at a friend's house to drop off her candle order (she wasn't home though) and then getting home myself, I was spent and ready for a nap. Spent some time with the family, talked to the friend who was not at home and made some plans for later this week and then I went and laid down for a nap. A nap that ended up lasting four hours!!! I couldn't believe that I had slept that long! Thankfully, the kids had taken naps as well so Hubby had some fun time to himself.

After napping, I had to go out to Wal*Mart to get something for dinner (frozen pizza, anyone?) and on the way to head out the door, I somehow managed to slip down the stairs. In the process of slipping down the stairs, I twisted my ankle, my knee and hurt my wrist, but the worst of the deal was that I think I broke my toe. The toe next to my little toe. You can feel the two bones of that toe and the part where they should be connected, um, isn't. I can't bend the toe or put pressure on the outside of my foot or on my toes. Not too bad overall, though. I think I'd rather have a broken toe than something more major. Plus my foot is now an awesome swollen rainbow of colors. That part actually is kinda cool. Honestly.

Hubby and I have been working on knocking out laundry this weekend. Big time. I don't know how we ended up getting so far behind on laundry, but we did. So we've been plugging away at it. Hubby and the kids also approached me today about some MAJOR room rearrangements. Those plans are still in the planning stages and won't take effect until my mom moves out to her own place.

My mom has been living with us off and on for roughly the last two months. She rented this one apartment beginning November first, but the stairs to get up to the unit are so narrow and there are so many other stair-related obstacles to get things up to the apartment, that it was another couple of weeks until she actually moved up there. And once she had moved up there, most of her stuff was STILL in garage because her place was so small and her possessions so big and so many.

But then, that apartment had a fire. And so she moved back in. She should find out tomorrow if she will get a new apartment that she has looked at recently. I'm hoping she will get it though! Hubby and I have decided to give her our guest bed and have her take my younger brother's old bunkbeds to the new place as well. He's sixteen and a bit old for bunk beds, but I can set up the bed in such a way that it will essentially be like a loft bed and he can put his dresser underneath the bed. The rooms in this new place are small and this will allow him to have a little bit more room. My mom isn't sure about the idea just yet, but I think when she sees it, she will agree that it's the best option for his room.

So the plan for tonight is to work on laundry and get some of that taken care of, folded, hung up and put away...nice and neat. I like that idea. And tomorrow, the kids go back to school, Hubby goes back to work and I have the day off from work. So, my mom, Girlie, Boy C and I will be working on getting things done around the house. Laundry, bathrooms and kitchen for sure. All of those rooms could use a serious deep clean!

Oh yeah, and I wore my pedometer today...with a super slow day at work, a long long nap and a few hours spent in front of a computer (lots of time that I could have/would have/should have spent walking) I still managed to get about 5,100 steps in today. My real goal is to hit 10,000 everyday. But I kind of needed a baseline to know where I currently am, so this gives me an idea. Tomorrow...5,500 will be the lowest accepted number. I may have to learn how to blog and walk at the same time but I will get them in! Actually, if I had the computer at a height where I could stand, that would work out really well....hmmmm...something to think about. But not tonight!