Friday, May 14, 2010

Yet Another Catch-Up Post...

Well, for starters, we no longer have internet at home, hence the inability to post regularly.  Although, I must admit that I rather like the fact that my husband and children are no longer controlled by computers or the internet.  Okay, maybe they weren't controlled by them, but some days, it sure felt like it.  When my children are whining and complaining and fighting over who gets to be on the computer first, I think we have a problem.  And granted, they mostly play educational games online but still...too much of a good thing is still too much and turns it into a not good thing.

Second, I quit my job at the gas station.  I had been having some severe health problems, which I think I may have posted about (I could open up another tab and check but I really want to just continue on with this post and not get distracted, which is likely to happen.) and I have started back doing home health care.  I have a lady that I do private duty healthcare for.  Basically, she is in charge of her own care, she hires, fires, schedules, trains, etc. and I take care of her.  It's private duty because I don't work through an agency - it is essentially self-employment - and that is how I claim my wages at the end of the year when ol' Uncle Sam wants his share.  So, anyhow, I'm back working for her.  Just for reference, I refer to her in everyday life as m'lady, due to HIPPA regulations and such.  Even though she doesn't care and has invited my whole family to come to a party at her house.  Even though my whole family has met her.

But I'm back with m'lady and I am so happy about that!  I work overnights for her, which to me is a huge honor to know that she trusts me enough to take care of her while she is asleep and not able to direct her care as much.  Mostly I do household stuff, but there are other (very important!) things that I do for her in the middle of the night.  And I love working for her.  I had forgotten how peaceful it was and how fulfilling it was to work for her when I was away from her.  After being able to go back, I remembered something that I thought last year after arriving at her house after an especially stressful day with my extended family, which was, "I'm so glad that I work tonight.  I definitely needed a good dose of m'lady to renew my spirits and energies."

So, to make a long story short, I am no longer at the gas station.  I am working for m'lady and I recently was hired on for a position doing home health with an agency here in town as well.  I have been assigned to two people so far and both have cancelled before I even started with them, so I have yet to actually work a shift through the agency, but soon...hopefully and most likely, next week I will be doing a shift (actually two as it is currently scheduled).

I have also been busy tutoring.  A friend of mine, Gabby, is in Intermediate Algebra in college and I have been helping her and a classmate study.  And then another girl that Gabby introduced me to, Angie, is taking Accounting I in college and I have been tutoring her in that as well.  I love math and numbers and accounting in particular.  And I love teaching!  And I'm pretty decent at doing it too...just sayin'.  :)

I will also be starting to help a lady with some accounting-type stuff.  It is m'lady's sister.  The sister owns a bed and breakfast and she needs help with some data entry and learning how to use QuickBooks.  I had never used QuickBooks myself, but I got online, looked it up on youtube for a tutorial and voila! I found one.  And I am really really excited about it.  So excited about it that I think I scared the sister a bit when I called to tell her that I had found some information on the program and could teach her to use it and how it works.  Apparently the words assets and liabilities and equity and such scare some people, especially when spoken with intense enthusiasm.  :)  But it's all good and I didn't scare her off.  I think I will be starting to work with her this weekend, with any luck.

This weekend will be a different one, as my inlaws will be getting back from a vacation in Florida.  We have been at their house this week (hence the internet capabilities) and when they get back, we finally get to go out and celebrate Hubby's birthday with them.

May has been an interesting month for us.  Punky's birthday was on the second and she turned four.  Then Hubby's birthday was on the sixth.  Inlaws left for Florida on the seventh and will be getting back on the sixteenth, which is when we will be going out for the birthday celebration.  They were gone for Mother's Day as was my own mother.  We had an evening with friends that night instead.  Gabby and I went to pick up her friend (the one that is in her class right now) and we brought back pizza with us.  And then when Gabby's boyfriend got home from work, he joined us too.  We just spent time together, playing cards and having a good time.  It was a lot of fun.

I know that this post is jumbled, but I'm just trying to get all of the things recorded that I have missed recently, so I apologize for the lack of order and flow in this post.  Well, I guess that is all for now.  I'll try to get some pictures from our zoo trip up soon too.  It'll be dated for the second of May, but I assure you that it will actually have been posted on the fourteenth.  :)