Monday, April 4, 2011

Small Things - April 1st and 4th

Even though I was on a blogging hiatus, I did still read blogs while I was gone - well, a few of them anyhow. And Home Sanctuary is one of the ones that I continued to follow. I just wasn't sure when I was going to get back to posting about my participation in her Small Things. But today seems like as good a day as any!

On Friday, which also happened to be April 1st, we were supposed to do something silly. Only one thing. Well, I'm going to count my day at work as being silly because I was a) sleep-deprived and b) hyped up on caffeine and no-calorie sweetener. I don't know what could make me more silly than that to be honest. I had my trainer, myself and trainee cracking up. It was crazy silly fun.

We were to receive 40 points for doing something silly and then an additional 10 points for sharing about it, so 50 points for Friday.

Then today, we were to take a damp cloth and wipe whatever you can with it until you run out of moisture. When you run out of moisture you are done! I did this in the kitchen. I got our counters wiped down, the stove top, the fridge front, the sink and the front of the dishwasher. I even got the small appliances and the primary knickknacks wiped off as well, such as our One Touch canister set (like this one here) and some of the other things we have set out full time on our counters.

So, there was an additional (and EASY!) 40 points! So, now I am up to 90 points for the month!

Menu Plan Monday

I have been absent for a bit and so has my menu planning. But I'm back and so is my menu planning. So here goes!
  • Leftover burgers from grilling out this weekend (I had 20 patties made up and we still have about half of them left over)
  • Lasagna
  • Hamburger and noodles (Kind of like Hamburger Helper, except not out of a box)
  • Enchiladas with beans and rice
  • Breakfast for dinner (pancakes, eggs, sausage)
  • Grilled pork chops
  • Salad bar
So there you have it. This is the plan for our meals for this week.