Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New Names for the Kiddos

Okay, so I'm done with the generic Boy A, Boy B, Boy C and Girlie names that I have been using for the kiddos. From now on, they will be known as the following:

Natty-Nu is my 9 year old, formerly known as Boy A

JoNo is my 6 year old, formerly known as Boy B

Punky is my 3 year old, formerly known as Girlie

and for Boy C...hmm...erm...yeah, I'm not quite there yet...I'll come up with something. For the other kids, it was easy - I call the oldest Natty-Nu when I'm being affectionate - it's a loving pet name. JoNo is the online personality I have given to child 2, Punky is a shortened version of Girlie's nickname in real life. I used to call her Pumpkin Pie and when I would call the youngest brother Pumpkin Pie she would get mad and say, "NO! I'm PUNKY PIE!" Which was absolutely adorable and of course, Punky has stuck.

But now for Boy C...I just don't know. I just asked Hubby about this too - and he couldn't come up with another nickname for the boy either. So...I give it to you, my blog readers. Please give me your ideas for a blog name for this child:

Post a comment and I will choose the one that I think best suits him. If there are multiple ones that I like, I will use a random number generator to pick the name. And there will be a prize. Not sure what the prize will be yet, but there will be a prize involved. Enter as many suggestions as you'd like.

Tackle Part Duex

Okay, so I didn't get anything on my list done that I had planned on with the exception of some laundry and work. I totally forgot when I posted my list that I had scheduled two parent-teacher conferences for today. Both of which I attended - and both of which went really well. The only part of it that went maybe not-so-well was when Boy A's teachers told me that he really needed to work on getting his homework assignments turned in. Apparently, since I have started working, his assignments have not been making it to school - and some of them aren't even making it home at night either. So, I need to set up a better system - with his help, of course - to make sure that he is being responsible for his own assignments, getting them done and turned in on time.

Also, his regular math teacher (who is actually the computer teacher who happened to be teaching third grade math as well) is on leave right now due to health concerns. So, she has a long-term sub filling in - Mrs. I. I took the time to meet with Mrs. I today and to talk to her about Boy A. She and I talked for a bit about Boy A and different things related to his learning style, her teaching style, etc. Once she found out that I have taught in that particular classroom, she opened up quite a bit more and expressed concerns over getting the kids to listen etc. So I offered to come in on Fridays (my day off from work) to help her out - give her some time to re-teach or for her to teach and for me to re-teach, help out with classroom management and things like that. I love love love working in the classroom and I am once again tempted about seeing about getting a job through our school system as a para-educator.

So, anyhow, beginning this Friday, I will be helping out in third grade math once again and I am so excited for this opportunity to help her out, work with the students and to just be there with the kids in the classroom. So much fun and so exciting!

Tackle It Tuesday

Well, here we are and it's once again Tuesday. I haven't been very good about doing these weekly themed postings, but I think that will get better soon because of the fact that I no longer have to fight for an ethernet cable. But anyhow, part of my tackle for today is to clear as many post-it notes off of my desktop that I can:

And then the other part of my tackle will be to (specifically) clear out, clean and organize one cupboard in my kitchen. I have before pics of all the cupboard and cabinet insides, but I want to get at least ONE of them done tomorrow - completely and totally done. That's my big tackle - it goal. I just don't know which one I am going to choose just yet though.

(And as you can see, the date and time stamp on my computer were forged for this...I just simply put the date ahead so that I could do a scheduled post...I'm not likely to get on the computer and write up a post in the morning when I have to try to get four kids, Hubby and myself, up, dressed and out the door by 6:30 a.m. I may be a blogging mom, but I'm not superwoman. :)