Sunday, February 7, 2010

Total Update Post

Well, for starters, if you look up at the header, you can see that I now have a new one created and installed. Creation was done by Katie and it's just FABULOUS! I love it!

Second, Katie had asked to see pictures of my new laptop bag so that is what you see here:

And then here are two shots of the inside of the bag - you can see where my camera and phone are stored in here - phone in the end pocket, camera in the middle pocket...This bag also came with three smaller bag pieces - you can see one of them in the big bag - it is meant to hold my laptop power cord and things like that, but I use it for pens, pencils and lotion. Because I also use this bag as my purse. Isn't it awesome? And although you can't see it, my two wallets are down in the bottom - but it's okay because I know where to find them. It's not that hard to find them in here. And I have a notebook in here too. Because truth be told, I am kind of an office supply junkie. But I love this notebook - so much so that I haven't been able to bring myself to use it. I have another one that I'm using as well - it fits in here nicely too, but it's not in here right now, because I had to take it out to transfer some information from the notebook to the computer earlier today and I didn't put it away. I could have walked the ten feet to Hubby's desk to retrieve the notebook, but nah, I didn't want to do that. No way! :) But anyhow, you get an idea of the kind of space this bag has. Oh! And my laptop isn't very heavy at all - so it's not like lugging around a heavy thing all day long. I can carry this bag on a two hour shopping trip without needing to put it down. (Not that I've, ahem, been on any two hour shopping or yesterday or the day before that and yep, probably the one before that too, hehe!) So ya go, Katie! Enjoy!

And then this week, Hubby and I got new phones. Our new phones look like this:

Which is quite the upgrade from this:

But we still have the old cell phone and we will use it as a back up phone or for Boy A to use if he is heading to a friend's house or something like that.

Third, the 28 day challenge is coming along quite well. I spent more hours cleaning walls the other day than I'd care to admit. And then, we got some of the rearranging and organizing and purging done. We filled our recycling bin (I want to say its a 92 gallon bin) and one trash can (about the same size) and have sent a few boxes of my mom's leftover items home with her. Following along with Katie's idea, I plan to post update pictures tomorrow - on Monday. I can't wait to show you some sneak peeks at the changes that have happened in the new den. We have also been working extensively on the playroom and the basement.

Also an exciting update and one that I am so far beyond thrilled about is that today, we went out and bought a router. So now Hubby and I can both connect to the internet at the same time. It's quite lovely, really. And that leaves the desktop computer for the kids to use. They don't get on the internet much, but for the times that they want to, they now have the access to do so. It's great. No more fighting for that darned ethernet cable! Yay! I can even blog from the comfort of my bed now, if I want to.

Hubby has gone crazy with this whole rearranging and reorganizing thing. Now, he wants to trade up the bedrooms. He wants to take back the big bedroom (with the attached bathroom) from the boys and have them take back our room (which was their room before this) but I want to finish the den and playroom projects before we start any new ones. This is going to be the main part of my deal with him.

Boy B got sick on Friday. I knew he wasn't feeling the greatest, but I sent him to school anyhow. He wasn't contagious and he has missed ALOT of school due to sickness. But Friday night, he wasn't feeling well. He had a bad cough (not quite yet croupy but bad enough to cause him to lose sleep) and he ended up falling asleep, kneeling next to the couch, with his face on the couch cushion. Poor baby. Then last night, he woke up crying and in pain and struggling to breathe, so we had a two hour emergency room trip that I didn't really want to do, but we did it because we needed to.

Boy B had a breathing treatment and along with the treatment, he also had a dose of inhaled epinephrine. (Like the stuff used for anaphylactic reactions) And he had an oral steroid that stays in his system for 3 days - so no need for a re-dose. That was really cool.

But the funny thing happened a little bit later, just before we left the hospital - Boy B turned to me and said, "Hey Mom, what was I smokin'?" And I tried to substitute other words for 'smoking' but he kept repeating it. And finally, I said, "what you were smoking?" and he said, "Yes mom. What was I smoking earlier?" and I said, "Honey, you didn't smoke anything." at which point he was like, "No Mom! That guy gave me something to smoke when we were here!" So I finally understood what he meant - he meant the breathing treatment, which "smokes" out the other side. It was too funny!

And today is the Super Bowl - which means that while I am upstairs in the living room "watching" the game with Hubby, I can also be on the internet. So lovely! Yay! And we have some more work to do here in the den. Now to convince Hubby that moving Boy B's desk is more important than testing out the internet signal from various locations in our house...wish me luck! LOL!