Wednesday, February 3, 2010

We Found A Small Animal

on my oldest son's head! See?

Before and after photos:

So many posts...

And I don't even know which one to pick.

  • I have an update on the 28 day challenge including pictures that I want to share.

  • Today the report cards came home - I got one from Boy A but not Boy B - I'm not sure what happened to his. I'm also not sure how I am feeling about the whole school situation right now. To be honest, I'm kind of angry - that's what I want to blog about as well.

  • A food post, or a dessert post. But dessert is food too, right? I have an awesome cheesecake recipe to share with you all. It's not my recipe though. It's Hubby's, which he modified from his dad's recipe, who got it from somewhere else? I'm not sure. Oh - and our lasagna recipe too. It's fabulous!

  • Financials...found out that a bill that I thought we were caught up on is actually needing a $200 payment. We have it, but it's just disappointing to think that we were caught up and in fact, we have this bill due. It just kinda sucks.

  • My blog header. I was playing with it earlier and well, it's gone. And I'm sad. But I'm happy too, because now it's in Katie's most capable hands and I know she will do something super great for it.

  • I made a blog "button" but have no idea how to actually generate it for other people to take the link know what I mean? I've seen them on other people's blogs, but never really took the time to learn more about it. I want to though. I love the look of those "buttons"

  • Boy A is seriously badly in need of a haircut. He has finally decided to have me do it. I will be posting before and after pictures because it will be a huge change! Well, a huge change back to his normal cut.

  • I am so beyond looking forward to being back to work tomorrow after a day and a half off being sick. Still not doing well with the whole keeping food down. But other than that, I'm feeling okay. I'm also looking forward to playing cards tomorrow night.

  • Tonight will be our first night of Bible bedtime stories and I want to blog about that. Maybe include pictures as well. Or maybe not. We'll have to see.

  • As part of the bold blogging thing going on right now, I am feeling very drawn to blog about Hubby and myself and some of our history stuff. We've come a very very long way, but I'm not sure that we are there just yet.

So there are a number of bloggy topics that I want to do...some tonight, some just soon. But that's just a hodge podge list. Bear with me as I work through some of it?

Artwork - Boy C style

This is the guinea pig table when it was in the playroom. Notice the markings on the wall under it? That would be some of Boy C's artwork. Once we moved the table, I was able to see it more clearly...

And Hubby and I thought it looked pretty awesome! So we had to take a picture of it to preserve it for later. Because it will be coming off shortly. Like, as soon as I clean up the floor where the table was and grab my dollar store magic eraser knock-off.

Oh - and here is this banner I made as well out of the "artwork":


I have really dropped the ball on my accountability postings. Part of it was that I had been very limited in the amount of posting time available to me, and the other part of it is that I dropped the ball on some of the goals that I had been working on.

I think that sometimes I get so caught up in various things going on in life that I somehow neglect making changes or keeping changes because I tend to get tunnel vision and can only focus on one thing at a time.

So, instead of having a new goal each week, I plan to do a new goal every two weeks or a month, and then blog about it weekly, keeping track of how I am actually doing and continue with this goal until I actually don't even have to think about doing it. I think I was starting to overload and overwhelm myself - so we will be starting back at the beginning - with step one - again. I want to read a Bible story every day, but since I am going to be doing this differently now, I think the one other part of this that I want to do is to spend that half hour or so reading that Bible story to my kids at bedtime. I mean, how much more wonderful could it get?

That is what I want to do. So - beginning tonight - I am going to start over with the Bible reading - and read to my kids at their bedtime. I also plan to record anything memorable that happens while I'm doing this - maybe the kids won't say anything and maybe there won't be a conversation about the scripture story, but I want to share this goal with them as well, and I think that the broken down stories is the way to do it.