Thursday, February 18, 2010

Time For Me Thursday

Well, today was a really interesting day for me, as a co-worker called into work yesterday while I was still there (she works the overnight shift - 11pm to 7am) and one of the second shift guys said that he could stay until 1am. Another co-worker offered to work 1am to 5am, and then I had agreed to come in and work 5am to 5pm. Just two hours more than my usual Thursday shift.

But...we had Chinese food yesterday while we were working - and it didn't sit well with me. To the extent that I ended up in the hospital overnight due to dehydration and some serious arrhythmia going on. So, since I didn't get out of the hospital until like 5:30 or 6:00 in the morning, I didn't go to work. While I was at the hospital, I had a shot of something to help me with the nausea and vomitting - and it also happened to be a sedative as well. Which does not work out well for me in the first place. I rarely take medications, so any medicine has a super strong effect on me. And this sedative was no different.

I guess my breathing was all wonky - I'd drop to around 5 respirations per minute and stay there for quite some time (don't know - as I don't remember it myself - just what Hubby told me) and my heart was doing weird things too. So, anyhow...I'm guessing that you are wondering what I did for ME today, right?

Well, I'll tell ya. I slept in until 1pm. Then once I was awake, I stayed in bed, on the computer, and eventually watched a movie too. I began to feel much better, so I ended up being able to keep up my commitment for playing cards tonight. And that was GREAT! I had my best night since I started playing. I had our team high point total of 9 points! And you can only get to an odd number by one way - skunking the opponent. And I did. I skunked the one person that my team captain (aka my manager at work) wanted me to win against the most. It was great! And I also won (with nearly a skunk) against the one other person that he also wanted me to win against. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was nice - really nice.

And - I took part in Katie's assignment today - "to go to your desk and sort through the papers that may be lying there. Recycle what you don't need and file what you do." I did that and my desk is nice and neat, again where it has been recently. I haven't been home much and admittedly, I have tossed papers there with the intent of dealing with them later - and well, thanks to Katie, later happened to be today!