Sunday, January 24, 2010

Goal 4: Clean the Little Bathroom Every Day

We have this little bathroom off of our current family room (soon to be den, but you'll read more about that February 1st) and it is my favorite bathroom to use. This is the bathroom that Hubby and I use as "our" bathroom, it is also the bathroom that guests use the most often.

However, it has not been staying in as tip-top shape as I'd like, so I want to make a commitment to cleaning it every morning. I think it will become part of my early morning routine. Wake up, pray, bathroom stuff, bathroom clean, so on and so forth to get on with the rest of my day. It works best to have a specific goal and a specific time frame to do that goal. For me, first thing in the morning works out well, as I routinely wake up half an hour before the alarm goes off, and there's nothing else to distract me from doing it (usually). And for that matter, I could even clean and pray at the same time. Often enough, my prayers are said in a much less formal format anyhow. Just what I'm thinking as I'm thinking it. Like calling a friend on the phone for a chat. That's what my prayer life is like.

So, this week's goal: Clean the Little Bathroom Every Day - swish and swipe at the minimum. I can handle that.

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