Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I had my interview for the assistant manager position today. It went fairly well, I think. It took FOREVER, but part of it is because B and I get off on tangents and end up talking about other stuff here and there.

I had told him on Monday that I thought I had 0.6% of a chance of getting the job. He said, "Not even a whole percent? Oh come on now, Miss. You need to give yourself more credit that that! I'd give ya at least 5%."

Cool. I'm at 5% before the interview even starts. During the course of the interview, he tells me "I'd say that you have 5%, CA has 5%, and then CJ and CR can split the other 80%" That equals up to 90%. I give him a look, trying to figure out if he's trying to indicate something else. He catches my look and says, "That doesn't add up to 100, does it?" I tell him no and ask him if CA and I can split the other 10% then. He says, "No, if anything, I'd say CA still gets 5%, you can have the 15%, and CJ and CR can still have the other 40% apiece. Although, actually, I guess it'd be more like 45 and 35. One of them made me really mad. You never do..." (x,y,z) "and expect to get away with it." I'm not quite following the thought, so I say, "I didn't do (x,y,z) did I?" He said, "No. I'm not mentioning names but it did happen today and it wasn't you." Process of elimination would mean that it was CJ. Okay. So, at this point the score is CA - 5, me - 15, CJ - 35, CR - 45 = 100. Cool enough. I can handle that.

The interview continues. He tells me, "Well Miss, you're surprising me. I'd say you're at 33 and a third now. And we only have 3 applicants." I look at him funny again. Three? A little bit ago, there were four. He looks at me and notices the look again. "There's four. I forgot about CA. She is so not going to get the position. I keep forgetting about her. Although maybe she will surprise me and end up getting it. Who knows?"

Interview goes on a bit longer. The personnel director from the main office calls. He talks to her about the position. He talks to her about me. While I'm sitting there in the office with him. It's good. It sounds very good. "Well, I had one interview today. She was a long shot but she's really impressive. Only been with the company for two weeks." pause while HRD-L speaks, "Yeah, I know. All of our applicants are still in their probationary period yet." Technically all but CA...but he doesn't tell HRD-L that...but then again, he keeps forgetting about CA.

After his conversation with HRD-L, we end the interview. He ends the interview by telling me, "Well, I'd say it's pretty much just between you and CR now." Then he gets a sly grin and says, "Although maybe I should just pick CA and (mess) you all over." Parenthesis and word in the middle are mine.

So, I think the interview went pretty well overall. Sounds like it is pretty much between me and CR. CJ and CA are long shots, but then again, I was the longest of the long shots. I was the one who encouraged CA to apply in the first place when B was first accepting applications. I had been rooting for CR the whole time, and encouraging CR and CJ individually while we were working shifts together. I am totally okay with CR getting the position. I don't think CJ has some of the major qualities necessary for an assistant manager. And I think CA is too young and immature for the job. But those are just my own personal opinions. No matter who is named the assistant manager, I will respect them, and I will respect B's decision about the matter. My top choice is CR, next CJ, then CA. I don't know where I put myself on that list though. I just don't really see it as a real possibility. I looked at the whole interview as a practice session for later on when I am a real candidate and as a confidence booster too. :) It was nice to know that my manager thinks that highly of me and my work performance.

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