Saturday, January 2, 2010

Last Christmas celebration of the season...

Today was our last Christmas celebration with the family. It was pleasant and Hubby and I got a chance to play cards with his grandpa. The two of them love to play Cribbage and whenever they get together, that Crib board is usually out. They asked me to join in and play along with them and I agreed to it. I almost won but in the end, Grandpa won. It was a lot of fun!

From left to right:
Boy B (age 6) , Cousin R (age 2) , Cousin E (age 5), Girlie (age 3), Boy A (age 8, nearly 9) holding Boy C (age 2) and then Cousin S (age 7)

We had a fabulous dinner and the kids opened gifts afterward. Boy A was incredibly gracious when he received a present that he had already gotten one of this year. He was super excited about opening gifts and then when he saw that it was the same thing he already had, he said, "Oh cool! Another one!" He then privately asked if we could exchange it. I was surprised at his gift-receipt etiquette. I shouldn't be, because we have talked with him about the proper way to handle certain situations but we haven't discussed this particular thing recently, yet he still displayed kindness and gratefulness for something he had wanted but had already received. I love it!

After everyone had gone home, Hubby, his parents and I all played Pitch. It was Hubby and his mom versus his dad and I. Father-in-law (FIL) and I were doing really well and then towards the end of the game, I missed a MAJOR play and ended up setting us and in the end, we lost the game. Totally my fault, but I distracted and played the wrong card. Oooops. Oh well! Like FIL said earlier in the game, "It's not like we have a lot of money on this game." Love that attitude! It's coming out more and more. He's really starting to get more laid back since he's cut down his hours at work. I really like the new attitude. I liked the old one too, but it was sometimes seriously unpredictable.

I had been starting to have signs of a cold earlier this week with severe sore throat and such. Then that started to subside, but the last two days I have been feeling supremely drained and exhausted. I have a touch of sinus symptoms, but I hope this is the last stage of my not feeling well.

And as for organizing...hmmmm...well, I did organize my candle storage today. I went to a candle party in December and tonight, Hubby's cousin sent her hubby home to grab my and a friend's candle orders. So when I got home, I had to be able to put it away, you know? So that is what I organized. My candle storage. As I sit here typing, I am enjoying the wonder aroma of Partylite's Tuscan Vineyard mini barrel jar (with shade). It's wonderful! I love Partylite and it's one candle that I don't have to worry about having lit with many small children and animals running around. Totally the safest candle out there!

Photo (shown in the Strawberry Rhubarb scent...which I also happened to get - LOL!) is taken from here and this Partylite consultant is actually a blogger as well! How cool is that!

And just a disclaimer here: I am not receiving any benefit or compensation from Partylite by mentioning their candle here, I am just talking about it because I want to.

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