Monday, February 22, 2010

Challenge Update

So, here we are...the last week of the month. Sunday is our final day of the challenge and I think I'm going to make it! Oh my word! What an experience this has been! We have purged so much stuff from this room - and the more I get rid of, the more I think that there is still too much stuff in the room, but it's definitely getting there. And there's even room to grow in some of the organized areas. It's crazy - before there was NO MORE ROOM and now that there is room for everything and some! And I like it! A lot.

Hubby and the kiddos have been an incredible help to me in this challenge. It's great! And maybe, just maybe, once this challenge is done, little Boo will not be able to color on the walls anymore, since everything will have a place and that includes all forms of pens, pencils, crayons, markers, colored pencils, paints, etc. Actually (sly grin) those items already have a place. And I'm thrilled beyond belief that I have that aspect taken care of. We had a serious amount of pens and pencils and such. I, um, ended up just throwing a bunch out. I didn't even care if it was a good working pen or not. Unless it was a special pen to me (and yes, I do have pens that are special to me - I'm a freak and I'm happy with that, thankyouverymuch!) I would just toss them out. I figure it's cheaper and less stresful to replace the pens than it is to go through and check all of the other pens, etc. Ya know? So, I went with it.

So, anyhow, I have one more hour left to work in there before Hubby leaves to go pick up the kiddos from MIL's house, so I have some work to do - and when he leaves, I will take pictures. Mind you - the walls AGAIN need to be scrubbed (in some places, it's actually "still need to be scrubbed") but I'm going to have the kiddos do that this week. Other than that, the room is about 95% done - even with all of the last minute changes we have made.

It's so cool! *squeal*

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