Friday, January 7, 2011

Finish It Friday

Okay, so I'll admit that today's finish it project is a little bit different. Today's project was finishing up my Christmas clearance purchases.

This morning I had to run to NattyNu's school to take him his violin bow. Somehow, his violin made it to school, but his bow did not and he needed it for his 8:30 a.m. class time. I got home from work, got his bow and headed back out to drop it off for him. Afterward, I decided I would stop by the Super Target that is near his school so I could see what they had available. I found some more ornaments to add to our collection, thus finishing my post-Christmas purchases.

I also picked up some clear totes for our animal supplies storage. I got a big one for Natty's guinea pig bedding. We buy a big bag of bedding for his guinea because it's the best price, but then once it's opened, there isn't a good way to close it to keep it from spilling all over the place, so I got a tote to put it in. I actually have plans to stop buying it that way and to get it instead from a semi-local person who planes wood from their property and sells it by the paper lawn bag full. I can buy twice as much that way as I can from the store. I also picked up three smaller (shoebox size) totes to use to store our guinea pig food, mouse food and mouse bedding. We cannot use the same bedding for our mouse as we can for guinea pig. It kills mice. We found this out the hard way with three previous mice.

The last items I picked up were some bath towels, hand towels, and bath mats that were on clearance. I wanted to get towels to just hang in the bathrooms, not to use them. They look nice but they aren't a real sturdy, quality fabric. A lot of people have their nicer thicker more plush towels hung out for company to use, but I prefer to use those myself for our family. Therefore, the company towels are ones that look nice but are not top of the line. Does that make me a bad hostess? Maybe. Does it show my family that I hold our own comfort in high regard? Yes. And I'm okay with that too.

(Small disclaimer: If we had overnight guests, they would also have use of nice plush towels. The lesser towels are for daytime company for drying their hands after washing them.)


  1. Company towels? Wow, that's something I just don't do. I figure company and family are good enough for the good stuff I have. I may put out clean towels when company is coming but that's about it. Nice job on your post-Christmas shopping! You did good!

  2. Hubby's family always have nicer towels set out for company. I have never done that. The idea of these towels is that they look nice. Some of ours are plush, but they don't all match, etc. It bothers the OCD in me, but meh, I deal with it. I can't afford my OCD. LOL!