Friday, February 4, 2011

There's a much smaller singles scene around here!

Well, if yesterday's task was number two on my most dreaded household task list, today's task would go along with my number one most dreaded task, which in general is laundry. But today's task was to mate socks. It is a huge job around here and there have been times that I have had the thought to just go out and start over with socks. Get rid of all of our current socks and just start fresh. Brand new socks for everyone. All socks for one person being exactly the same, like all ankle socks for the older boys. They wear different sizes and I love the socks that have a different color stripe or lettering for each size. And actually, we do have a few of these as well. But I'd really love to just buy the kids (and well, Hubby and myself as well) all of one sock style so that anyone in the family could easily mate socks. All you'd have to do is match the colored stripe or lettering and you'd know it would be an exact match. Ah, the stuff my dreams are made of! LOL!

But until then. match I must. And match I did. And now I think I know why I dislike this task so much. JoNo alone had a whopping 54 pairs of socks that I matched up today. His was the most, but if that just gives any idea to how many socks our family owns...yeah, I'm embarrassed to even admit that we have that many. I think that it might be time to declutter some of our socks too. Gah!

Okay, point total time! Cuz I more than earned my points today!

Points for today: 40 points!
Points for February: 90 points!

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