Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tossed It Tuesday

This week, we tossed out a bunch of stuff. I cleared off our entertainment center and got it all nice and neat. I also did the same thing to our bookshelf and our desk area in our kitchen. There was plenty of items from those two places alone that got tossed out.

We also have a number of boxes and bags of clothing for donation/consignment that are ready to go. As I am working my way through our laundry and our stored clothing, I have been weeding out as much as I can right now. It is a process that I am sure I will be working on for months to come. So don't be surprised if you often see clothing on my "Tossed It" list.

We also sorted through the kids' toys and eliminated the ones that were broken, missing pieces or just not  played with.

Still have a long way to go but I like where it is heading,


  1. Way to go! I didn't get anything tossed this week, hence my late post today. Once everyone here is reasonably healthy again I'll be back at it!

  2. Sometimes you just have to take some time and let everyone get better. Happened here too. JoNo was sick with bronchitis, Hubby had influenza, then ended up needing to have emergency oral surgery followed by a 3 day hospital stay, then I caught bronchitis... Yeah, it happens. I completely didn't blog because there was too much to deal with at home. At least you checked in! :)

    Hope everyone gets to feeling better and that you don't get depleted in the time being.