Friday, March 4, 2011

Finish It Friday

This week for "Finish It Friday" I reorganized my Tupperware cupboard. It was a very necessary thing to do because Hubby had me order some more Tupperware products for him. (How many guys regularly shop the Tupperware catalog, by the way?) I needed to place an order anyhow, so it worked out well. He got some new "toys" as he likes to call them.

But when I went to unpack the box of Tupperware (and the other two boxes from the last order that have just been sitting there for the last couple of months - mostly things for hostess gifts and door prizes and such) I discovered two things. One was that my Tupperware cupboard was once again looking a bit chaotic and number two, that I needed to rearrange some items because I had more Tupperware than I had space the way that it was.

So now, most of the Tupperware is neatly stored in the cupboard and I love it! It is so neat and organized and you just can't beat that! Plus, I love the products so you may see a post or two coming up here about some of the products, especially next month when there is going to be one of my absolute FAVORITE deals of all time coming up. Stay tuned for that.

Well, before I go off on a sales pitch (it's easy to do when you love a product line!) I will share the new after pictures with you all, because really, that's what you want to see right? The inside of my Tupperware cupboard.

This is the top shelf. Up here, from left to right, I have my (and by "my", I mean Hubby's) midgets - those small containers, then some of my Freezer Mates collection (I have the "Complete" collection but some are in use right now), then some of my Fridge Smart collection, (once again, I have the large collection and some of them are in use), then at the back are some of my Thatsa Bowl 4pc. set, but really, it is an 8pc set because it was BOGO free last year and I couldn't pass it up. But I guess technically it is a 16pc set if you count the seals too.

Continuing on around to the other side, is an old ice cube holder thing that is supposed to go in the freezer, but we never use it, so I ended up just using it to store some of the seals for small items, like two different kinds of tumblers and the snack cups. Then next to that are a few pieces of non-Tupperware brand containers that I keep on hand for non-food storage items.

Here on the lower shelf, once again going from left to right, you will see two sandwich keepers sitting in front of a non-Tupperware brand container that I use to store the seals for the midgets, all of which set atop a rectangular modular mate that I have filled with cake mix that I use at parties for demonstration purposes, which is sitting on top of a heat n serve divided dish (which is no longer available). Next to those, on their side are the snack bar keepers (they are red), then a plastic basket filled with seals for most of my products. In the back are some Wonderlier bowls.

Next to the bowls are the Stuffables Super set, with some Crystal Wave dishes stored inside of them. Next to that is my Stack Cooker. In front of the Stack Cooker are my Stuffables Mini set, stored inside a Pampered Chef small Micro-Cooker, which is stored inside a store brand thing that is kind of like the Micro-Cooker, but not nearly as deep or awesome and doesn't have a lid either. Plus, I don't use it, so I should probably get rid of it anyhow... Which leads us up to the front and two of our (many!) snack cups. The one on top belongs to Miss Punky Pie. She has a princess thing going on and she got a set of princess Tupperware for Christmas this last year.

So, that is my freshly organized Tupperware cupboard for today's post. Head on over to Katie's blog to see what she is doing for "Finish It Friday" as well!

I am also linking this up to Org Junkie's 52 weeks of decluttering. 

She listed some questions to ponder this week as well, which are:

1.) Do you know what your "good enough" is?
This question is an easy one for me to answer because not only do I know what my "good enough" is, I can easily explain it as well. My "good enough" is surfaces cleared off, floor free of clutter and debris, and the house smells nice. Pretty simple, really. So, on my worst day, that is my "good enough". Some days, it doesn't even get to that point, but when that happens, I'm stressed out and tense and really, quite impossible to live with (just ask Hubby or the kiddos - they will readily agree!) so what I have listed is my definite minimum, basic "good enough" standard.

2.) What did you organize this week?
Um, see above?

3.) Are there any areas you are struggling with in this challenge?
Mainly just posting about it. I have certainly done 9 different projects, but I don't blog every project, nor do I link up every project - mainly because I forget to. I just might start doing it though. I like joining in on things like this and visiting other people's blogs.


  1. I am SO jealous of all your awesome Tupperware! I'm going to have to break down and buy some more some day. That cabinet looks so neat and organized which is great for how much is really in there. Great job!

  2. Thanks! The amount is, shall we say, an occupational hazard. :) That's what happens you sell it. You own it. A lot of it. And there's still tumblers (stored with my glassware and other cups) and gadgets and tools and yeah...

    There is really a LOT in that cupboard and there is still room for more, if I just keep it organized. I love the fact that things can nest together. If it weren't for that, well, there would be far less organization going on in there, that's for sure! Thanks for dropping by!

  3. I just found your blog through org junkie's website and wanted to say hi and let you know that I became a follower! I love tupperware! :)

  4. Good job on organizing your Tupperware. I'm always fixing mine. I have a plan to fix it so will see what happens. Love all the colorful TW. I still have some old stuff from the late 70s when I sold it and started buying when I got married. Have a great weekend!

  5. WOW, that's a lot of Tupperware. Good job on organizing everything.

  6. Dang, you are so smart. First of all, so glad you picked a small project so you can give your ankle a break. Good girl! But secondly, love that you repurposed the ice cube bin for the extra seals. It looks great Deanne. Wish you would have showed us your "before" shots... I always feel like such a shameful hussie for flashing my dirty bits all over the Internet. DOH!

  7. Thanks everyone! And welcome to the new followers! Love to have you onboard!

    @ Grandma Becky - That's what happens when you sell it huh? I wish I had some of the older stuff, I love those pieces! (Plus, the seals are already broken in!)

    @ Iris - I chose this project because when I went to open the door to put something away, it started to fall out on me. Hence, the reason for no "before" picture. The ice bin had just been stored on the top shelf of my glass cupboard and then it moved to the top of my fridge - or was it the other way around? Meh, anyhow, I decided that it needed an actual purpose, so voila! Repurposed! And shameful hussie? You DID see my laundry room pictures. At some point in time, those pictures will end up on here. Now THAT is shame! LOL!