Friday, March 11, 2011

Tupperware Feature Friday

This week I am going to feature some items from Tupperware that will be available coming up on March 12 - April 8. This month features ways to "go green" in the kitchen and in keeping with that theme, many items are green as well. Some of these items are only available for a limited time and others are at a great discount. I will note which of these (or both!) is the case after each item shown. Also, you can click on the Tupperware bowls to the left of this paragraph to visit my Tupperware site to order your own products today. Or let me know if you would want to do a party. It doesn't matter if we are near each other or not. That is the beauty of the internet!  All product information and pictures are copied and pasted from the Tupperware website. Please click on any picture to take you to my website.

Tupperware® Fresh Herb Planter System
Grow your own fresh, healthy herbs at home without worrying about daily care requirements. Our system waters herbs accurately and automatically. Now you can savor the robust flavor of seasoned food without relying on expensive, pre-packaged fresh or dried herbs. The modular design uses very little space, so you can extend your garden as needed. Includes base, pot, microfiber water absorber G and water bottle with cap. Insert features helpful herb cooking tips and culinary uses for specific herbs.

Special introductory price! New! 
# 81998 $14.99 (Reg. $18.50 value)

Chop ’N Prep™ Chef
Chop fresh herbs, vegetables, fruit, baby foods and more in “turbo” time with this compact and earth-friendly tool. The easy pull-cord mechanism lets you do it all in just seconds and without electricity. Plus, it’s small enough to store in the cupboard, drawer or pantry. Includes virtually airtight and liquid-tight seal. 1¼-cup/300 mL capacity. Gift-boxed for added convenience.

Save over 35%!, Save $14.50!
Or host a qualifying party and pay only $10! See page 8 for details.
# 81907 $25.00 (Reg. $39.50 value)

Spin ’N Save™ Salad Spinner
Meet our “spin” doctor! Place your greens and other produce inside this 4-qt./4 L prep tool to quickly transform them into a healthy salad. Or use it to dry cooked pasta or thaw frozen fruits and vegetables. The virtually airtight and liquid-tight seal that’s included helps you save time by making it now and storing in the fridge for later. Includes bowl with four anti-slip feet, colander, spinner cover and seal. Gift-boxed for added convenience.

Save 35%!, Save $18.50!

# 81916 $34.00 (Reg. $52.50 value)

Thatsa® Bowl 4-Pc. Set
The unique thumb-loop makes it easy to safely grip these bowls for prep work or serving snacks. They’re perfect for family popcorn nights—everyone can have their own bowl! Deep walls help prevent messy spills, while textured interiors resist scratches. Virtually airtight, liquid-tight seals keep contents fresh for later use. Each set includes 6-cup/1.4 L Thatsa® Bowl Mini, 12-cup/2.8 L Thatsa® Bowl Jr., 32-cup/7.6 L Thatsa® Bowl and 42-cup/10 L Thatsa® Mega Bowl.
Get eight bowls for the price of four.

Buy 1 set, get 1 set FREE!, Save $75!

# 81917 $75.00 (Reg. $150.00 value)

Saucy Silicone Spatula
The soft-grip handle of this indispensable kitchen tool helps you make quick work of mixing and whipping of wet or dry ingredients. Angled tip lets you easily reach into the corners of straight-edged bowls and pans. Stain and heat-resistant up to 400°F /200° C. Pulls apart for easy cleaning.

Save over 45%!, Save $8!
Requires a $100 order
Limit one with each $100 order.
# 881839 $9.50 (Reg. $17.50 value)

Measuring Cups and Measuring Spoons Set
We give you more! Designed for a lifetime of everyday use, the Cups and Spoons each come in a set of six-that's two more than most others. They also feature easy-to-read, embossed measurements that won't wear off. Cups include pour spouts on either side for left or right-handed use; measurements are ¼, 1/3, ½, 2/3, ¾ and 1 cup. Spoons feature raised, curved handles
that allow them to sit flat on a counter; measurements are 1/8, ¼, ½ and 1 tsp., plus ½ and 1 tbsp.

Buy Measuring Cups, get Measuring Spoons FREE!, Save $11.50!

# 81915 $14.50 (Reg. $26 value)

Classic Sheer® Midgets® Set
No home is complete without a set of these little miracles. Now you can get two six-pc. sets for the price of one! Each container includes 1-oz./30 mL, 1½-oz./45 mL and 2-oz./60 mL markings. Seals are virtually airtight and liquid-tight, so you can tote small
quantities and not fret about spills or leaks. Use them for salad dressing; sprinkles for baking; travel-sized portions of liquid soap, shampoo and make-up; or sewing and craft supplies. When empty, simply stack for compact storage. Get 12 containers for the price of six.

Buy 1 set, get 1 set FREE!, Save $11!

# 81913 $11.00 (Reg. $22 value) 

Stuffables® Super Set
Stretch your storage capacity with this unique set. The flexible seals expand, reducing the number of containers needed. They also make odd-shaped or bulky foods easier to store. Includes 4-cup/950 mL, 6-cup/1.4 L and 8-cup/1.9 L containers. Note: Remove seals before microwave reheating. Set of three.

Save 50%!, Save $23!
Requires a $50 order
Limit one set with each $50 order.
# 881840 $22.50 (Reg. $45.50 value)

Double Colander—now in exclusive color!
It’s two tools in one! Don’t prepare pasta or salads without it. Use the top and bottom separately or together for maximum straining and draining capability. The stay-cool handle and tabbed lid ensure your safety. 2-qt./2 L capacity.

only at a party—save 50%!, Save $10!
Limit 10 when you attend a party.
# 89448 $10.00 (Reg. $20 value)

Those are just a few of the great items available from the catalog this month! Contact your local Tupperware consultant (or me!) for a more detailed list! Enjoy cooking and being green with Tupperware!

And just for fun, some of the other products available for a special price this month:
Disney Fun-tastic Friends Tumblers*
(sale $17.50) 
Floresta 1-Gallon/3.7 L Pitcher (sale $18.00)
Jel-Ring® Mold (sale $11.00)
Floresta 10-oz./310 mL Tumblers (sale $12.50)
Floresta Bowls (sale $19.50)
Host Gift Special (free with qualifying show)
Kids Cake Taker Set* (sale $11.00)
Kids in the Kitchen Set* (sale $25.00)
Mickey Mouse Ice Tups® Set (sale $10.00)
Microwave Extreme Collection (free! with $750 party and two datings)
Mini Party Set (sale $17.50)
Mini Gelatin Mold Set (sale $19.00)
Mini Serve-It® Set (sale $9.00)
Spider-Man Lunch Set* (sale $18.00)
Shape-O® Toy (sale $17.00)

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