Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tossed It Tuesday - April 12

First of all, I want to give a little shout-out to Violet for her wonderful encouragement on this weekly post! It seems that she and I have been trading off weeks where we have a lot to post about.

Well, since last week, I have gone back to the consignment shop and paid my consignor's fee and am now ready to start taking over loads and loads of kids' clothes! Yay! So, you will see my box total each week for the consignment shop.

We rearranged our living room this past weekend and as a result, we had lots of miscellaneous items that we were able to get rid of. I don't even know what all left the house because as soon as I came across something that needed to leave but wouldn't fit into a trash bag, a child was summoned to take the item directly to the trash outside. There was absolutely no "make a pile until there's more to go out" for this project. Lots and lots of stuff went out.

Then, last night (because Tuesday is our trash day) my mother came over to continue going through her stuff that is stored in our garage. We also went through a lot of our stuff that is stored in the garage. I got rid of a LOT of stuff. I don't know what exactly all I threw away because honestly, I didn't look all that closely. My main plan with going through the items was to look for the one or two items in each box/container/whatever that was worth keeping around (if there was anything worth keeping around) and the rest of the box got pitched. I gave myself about 30 seconds per box. It doesn't take all that long to look through an item to see what is worth keeping. The thing that took the longest amount of time was books (we LOVE books around here and kept more than we tossed) and clothes (because of the whole consignment situation!).

In the end, out on our curb was:
  • our two regular trashcans, plus another trashcan with our yard waste
  • an endtable/microwave cart/stand type piece of furniture
  • an old smaller television that actually belongs to my mom
  • some old broken or just worn down toys of the kiddos
  • an old lamp that no longer works
  • and probably about 10 boxes of useless junk
We also got rid of three boxes of recyclables. Yay for purging stuff that we don't really need in our house or in our life!


  1. Whoo hoo! You go! That's a lot of stuff out. And I'm impressed with your no-pile-for-later strategy.... I sometimes wind up with a box/pile lingering in my house for weeks.

  2. The no-pile strategy was done for precisely that reason. I know that there are still boxes/piles lingering that need to be gotten rid of, but they weren't in the area that I was working on. They were former boxes/piles. LOL! Hoping that next Tuesday there is a lot of stuff out again. I WILL get stuff moved out of here, I will!!!

  3. great job! Feels good to do some cleaning. I have a HUGE pile ready to go to Goodwill, but it's in the basement. ;-) I agree with a no-pile-for-later strategy, lol. (except for the basement, I guess.)

  4. Oh gosh! I have piles like you wouldn't believe in my basement. Probably 90% of the clothing down there will be going somewhere else to live or die. But for the other day, on the project that I was working on, it was a no-pile day. I am horrible with piles. I get pile-itis and combined with procrastination and laziness, well, yeah, just not a good combination. No piles is my new strategy. The closest thing to a pile at this point will be the garbage bag or the box of items that is getting ready to leave the house. Immediately upon closing the bag or box, it leaves. (It can, however, sit in my car or the van for the next drop off time.)

  5. I got your comment on my classroom tour post. The images used are from a computer program called Boardmaker put out by Mayer-Johnson. It has THOUSANDS of visual representations and other products that work with the program. a MUST have tool for my classroom!

    Ask your teacher to print you out some of the images you think would be most helpful to your child. If for some reason she won't, leave me another comment and I can print some for you and send them to you. They are a HUGE help in my classroom and can be used for sooooo many things!!!

  6. Thanks so much for stopping by and for giving me the info. I will talk to our teacher about it. There are some that I thought would be especially helpful this summer, as he is very much in need of a regular routine and is a very visual/tactile child - just like his mama!