Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tossed It Tuesday - April 4

I don't have much to report about things tossed out this week. There's a few items and I will list them, but what I want to talk about is something else that I came across yesterday as well.

Okay, so my list first:
  • Punky's old plastic play kitchen
  • Three boxes worth of paper recycling
  • One box worth of cardboard recycling
  • One bag worth of glass recycling
And for the other part - the thing that I wanted to share? I stopped in at a newer consignment shop here in our city yesterday to find out about their consignment program.  Turns out, it has some really awesome things going on and two minor not so good things going on. I'll start with the no so good things. The first part is that it costs $12 to consign for 120 days. Not horrible, but not great either. But probably cheaper than listing things on ebay and still something that I'm willing to do.

Second thing is the consignment ratio payout. The shop gets 60% while the consignor gets 40%. Not the greatest payout, but when I take into consideration the fact that they do all of the work (and their overhead costs and the fact that it gets the stuff out of my house super easily, well, it's worthwhile to me, I think.)

Now for the good parts - all I have to do is wash it (which I would do regardless), toss it into a box (therefore, no need to go back to pick up my container) and drop it off. They do EVERYTHING else. They will sort though the stuff, keep what will work and either have me come pick up the items that won't work or they will donate it to the homeless mission here and they also take care of the tagging and pricing and marketing of the items. If there are certain items that I want to have back, then they will make sure I get them back if they either choose not to sell the item or if the item does not sell within 120 days. It's a very cool deal. Right now, they are taking clothes for spring/summer and in three months, they will be taking fall/winter clothes as well. And if I take clothes in as late as day 119 from the first date of consignment, then I will have 120 days from day 119 to have the items sell as well for no extra charge. I hope that makes sense. LOL!

And the best part, it gets it out my house super quick and easy. And doing this supports a local business, which is something that I feel strongly about. And if the items don't sell, then they will go to a charity that I think is worthwhile as well. So, in my opinion, it's a win-situation all around.

So very soon I will be getting more and more items out of here and it will be well worth it!


  1. Glad you found my blog today! Hope you'll come back :-)

    Oh...it feels so good to get rid of things and clean out the house, doesn't it? I just did a huge Mom 2 Mom sale last weekend and took 2 vehicles worth of stuff and came back with only 5 boxes of clothes/books/toys. I plan to sell again in the fall. ;-)

  2. Oh wow! I cannot wait to send that much stuff away! How was your experience with the sale? I take it that it went well being that you only came back with 5 boxes.

  3. Good luck with the consignment shop.... that sounds like a great deal to me. I've been just donating whatever I declutter but I have thought about trying to sell things... maybe I should look into some local shops.

    I'm very sorry I missed the last two Tossed It Tuesday posts-- things have been really crazy in my world! I posted an update tonight with a shout-out to you. ;)

  4. I saw that! And I commented on it too! :) ♥ So sweet of you to think of me. I just went back to your blog and now I'm trying to figure out if my message went through and just needs to be approved or if there was something wrong with it posting in the first place? Hmmm, guess I'll wait and see.