Friday, January 1, 2010

Goal 1: Starting a Bible Reading Plan

My first weekly goal for this year is to start a Bible Reading Plan. There are many out there that have a person read through the Bible in one year. However, I would prefer to take a more in-depth approach to the Bible and so I am choosing to use the Bible reading plan out of my own personal Bible. Maybe all Bibles are like this, I don't know...but mine is broken up into stories. My goal is to read one story each day. I do not know how many stories my Bible has broken the Bible into, but that is how I plan to read the Bible.

January - Week One(ish)

1 - The Beginning ... (Genesis 1:1-2:3)
2 - Adam and Eve ... (Genesis 2:4-2:25)
3 - The Fall of Man ... (Genesis 3:1-3:24)
4 - Cain and Abel ... (Genesis 4:1-4:26)
5 - From Adam to Noah ... (Genesis 5:1-5:32)
6 - The Flood - Part 1 of 3 ... (Genesis 6:1-6:22)
7 - The Flood - Part 2 of 3 ... (Genesis 7:1-7:24)
8 - The Flood - Part 3 of 3 ... (Genesis 8:1-8:22)
9 - God's Covenant With Noah ... (Genesis 9:1-9:17)

That is the list of passages that I plan on reading for the first nine days in January. You all thought that I would just do one week's worth? Well, I might have, provided that the year began on a weekend or a Monday, but since the year is beginning on Friday, I figured I would do Friday, January 1 - Saturday, January 9 and then continue on from there beginning each week on Sunday.

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