Monday, January 11, 2010

Ho hum...

I woke up this morning all excited to find out what my new work schedule was and to find out who had been named the assistant manager. So, before I even got out of bed this morning, I sent a text message to my boss, B, to remind him to do something that he needs to remember to do outside of work. We're friends as well as boss/employee, and this particular reminder is kind of a running joke between us, but it is really important that he remembers to do this task every morning.

Here is our text convo from this morning:

Me: Mornin' sir! This is your weekday reminder. Did you remember already? I bet you did!

B: I did. You want to work anything today? [Gives some potential hours.]

Me: Good job! I will have to check on childcare and let you know. So when are you making new schedules?

B: This week. (This week's schedule technically began at 7am today, and he has yet to create the schedule.)

Me: [Hubby]'s mom wants to know what my new schedule is. Whether its days or evenings or whatever. I tried to explain but it didn't help.

B: I just don't know yet kiddo. Still a few days off. (He often calls me "kiddo" or "miss" though I am neither one of those - I am four years older than he is, for crying out loud!)

Me: Thought you were naming asst manager today?

B: Couple days still.

Me: What happened? You told [HRD-L] that you were naming today. So plan on same schedule this week as last? [List of hours]

B: Perfect. Yeah just let me know on today.
B: Haven't decided yet.

So, more waiting. Have I ever mentioned that I'm not a patient person? I mean, I really really try to be a patient person. I do. But I lack at it. Big time. Especially on big things like this. It's hard. Every time that I need to wait and be patient is simply another opportunity for me to perfect my ability to do so. And trust me - I need lots and lots of practice!

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