Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I am so excited that Org Junkie (aka Laura) is bringing this back! I love the organizing challenges that she holds! It's an awesome motivator to do what I need to do anyhow! And I even have a plan already in place!

The challenge will run through the end of February and there will be before and after pictures posted as well. Gulp! Before? Ah, I'm just kidding. I'm not crazy about posting before pictures, but I will. Because the transformation is going to be HUGE! Well, maybe not HUGE HUGE - I'm not changing the layout of the room or painting walls or anything like that, I'm just working on getting things organized within the room.

I have many options for this project, but the two rooms that I am most interested in doing right now are the kitchen and the playroom. I just don't know which one I want to do first. Probably the kids' playroom. That will show a huge amount of change. And some furniture rearrangements. Because the playroom was also being used as our guest bedroom, a catch-all for all of our stuff, etc. It's not a very functional playroom. And at the moment, it's even hard to get into the playroom. It's baaaaad.

So I am excited about working on that, and I'm sure my kids will be excited about it as well!

Some more exciting things going on include the Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony that will be held at Hubby's work tomorrow. He works for a non-profit organization that recently added on a conference center. With the addition of the conference center also came the addition of Hubby's job. Even though he's been working there since October, the big official Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony will be taking place tomorrow. I'm really excited for that to happen and I cannot wait!

The other exciting thing for tomorrow is that it is when my manager at work will finally name the new assistant manager. I'm really, really hoping it is either CR! I mean, I would absolutely be okay with me getting the position, but being realistic, I think CR has it and I really hope that it is him!

So, lots of new and fun things in the works! Hopefully I will have more details to share with you all tomorrow!


  1. I love the look of your new blog! Good luck on everything.

  2. Katie! So good to "see" you! Our computer got fried over New Years so I lost EVERYTHING that had been on it. Some of the things are retrievable, some of it not. I missed ya! Hope your holidays were awesome! Ours were pretty good. I'm going to head on over to your blog and check things out! I think I may keep up on my other blog as well...I don't know for sure yet though.