Friday, January 15, 2010


Well, for the second time today, I am once again battling jealousy. Seems to be a recurring theme today.

CA got the promotion. Remember CA? The one who MB kept forgetting that he would need to interview? Yeah. She got it. The general consensus is not a positive one. In fact, it is a pretty negative one. And while I am struggling with jealousy that she got the position (as I was really hoping that CR would get it), I am also not going to allow the other employees' negative reactions to the decision affect my work. I am pretty certain that CA is going to have a fairly rough go at the job. But I am not going to contribute to that. I can only do my part in it. And I'm going to work hard and help her out however I can. I am also going to do my part to discourage such behavior from the other employees.

But I am jealous that CA got it instead of CR or myself. Hopefully it will all work out well though. Who knows? We may all be pleasantly surprised. I hope so, at any rate.

Oh - and CJ did NOT take the news well - at all. In fact, I think that come tomorrow or Saturday, she may be on her way out the door. Her reaction is likely to get her fired.

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