Thursday, January 14, 2010


Well, in spite of today's post about how I was feeling, this post will be more about what I was doing.

The house (as you all may recall me complaining about) has been in need of a serious deep clean. This morning, once I got up, I decided to tackle the room that was bothering me the most. And I am ashamed to admit that it got to the point that it was at this kids' bathroom. Blech! Let's just say that the upstairs hallway bathroom is used most predominately by our two older boys. Boys who are 6 and almost 9. Boys who should be able to hit a target, if you understand my meaning.

But, I digress, they have not. Been hitting the target. Seemingly, at all. Yuck! And because I don't use that bathroom, I didn't realize that it was that bad. And bad it was!

It has probably been, oh, a week since I had been in there to use it or to specifically ask my oldest to clean it. So, this morning when I went in there it reeked! Oh my word. I about hit the floor. Or the ceiling. But the floor was a closer option. I got right to work on the floor around the toilet. The worst part. Caked on. Serious. The bathroom isn't completely cleaned and disinfected yet, but it is now at least free of gross, crusty, yuckiness on the floor. And that makes me a happy mama!

I guess that I will definitely need to work with those kids on our new chore system. I had wanted to wait until it was all finalized and ready to go, but I don't think my house, my kids or I can wait that long. We'll jump in with where I was wanting to start and just add on from there. We'll make it up as we go and it will all work out.

If you are curious to know about our new chore system, it is loosely based off of Lara's idea for her own kids. I have some of the cards done and ready to go. I have our morning and evening cards, the kitchen and living room chore cards done. I still have to make the family room, playroom, basement, laundry, meal time, outdoors, going out, and personal enrichment cards, but I think I'm at a spot where I can at least begin implementing the cards. Yay! So, that will be coming soon and I will let you all know how that goes.

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