Friday, February 19, 2010

Finish It Friday

Well, it's Friday again, isn't it? That means it is time for me to finish something. And actually, I have a few things to finish.

I need to finish my guest list for a party that I'm hosting at the beginning of March. I need to finish up the den. It is so close! Just a few more tweaks (as there are some things that we have learned along the way that we are adjusting to) and we will be done with this room. It won't seem like a huge change, I imagine, but it really is for us.

I also need to finish up laundry and helping my kids rearrange their bedroom furniture. Although that is more of a finish-it project for this weekend. I have decided that I am going to give my kids full reign in their rooms to decide what furniture they want in there and where they want it to be located. And I'm also going to give them a few other options where their rooms are concerned. I'm hoping that by doing this, it will give the boys a greater sense of pride in their rooms, as well as a sense of ownership, you know? So, we will see how that one goes.

Since today is Friday, it also means that I get to teach in the third grade math classroom again. And I am excited! The math teacher and I are going to be running centers. She will be working with kids on a worksheet and teaching them to measure to the nearest inch and to the nearest inch and a half. I will be working with them on the same thing or on math facts. I don't care which one I will be doing. I do like pull apart groups though to really get to know how the kids are each doing, find out where they are struggling and to help them really get to the point of understanding what is being taught. I honestly which that the teacher would do her re-teaching on Fridays so that either she or I could re-teach the concept to the kids who need extra practice on previous lessons. I really like to teach/re-teach. I also happen to think its beneficial to have someone else re-teach. Different people explain the same concept in different ways and sometimes that just helps. Other times it can just be more confusing, but for the most part, I think it helps.

Now, as to Katie's assignment for did she know? The assignment for today is to: "go to your laundry area/room. Collect up all of the empty soap bottles, empty dryer sheet boxes and any other garbage that may be floating around that area. If you're like me, you empty one out with the intent on taking it to the recycling bin or trash can in the other room and there it remains. While you're in there, take a quick inventory. Are you low on anything? If so, make a note on your shopping list so that you don't forget them when you next go shopping." But yes, I am guilty of having three (no, not one, not two, but THREE!) empty bottles of detergent sitting on my dryer. Or rather I was guilty of it until just a few minutes ago. In spite of the fact that right next to my dryer is a trash can. (Which is also now empty, by the way) But I had used up the last of the detergent (three times in a row) and had planned to take the bottles up to the recycling bin outside, but I never got around to it. But now I have, it's done and I'm glad to know that. It was also good to be able to note that I am close to being out of detergent yet again. So I will have to pick some up this weekend when I go to the grocery store.

And for now, I am going to get to bed. I am tired! Have a great Friday everyone!

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