Monday, March 1, 2010

Lysol Giveaway

By reading through some of the posts on other people's blogs (who also participated in the 28-day challenge) I came across this one. Kelli, at Feeding Four is hosting a giveaway for Lysol's new product, No Touch Hand Soap System. It's very cool! You should head on over to Kelli's blog to check it out too! Here is her post for the giveaway. But stick around and read. She has a very delightful way of writing that I enjoy. And if you are reading here, I'm guessing that you would also enjoy reading there!


  1. aw thanks for the great comments!!

  2. also said
    "First off, I have signed up as a follower via Google Friend Connect. But not because of this giveaway. Read the comments in your challenge post and you'll see why. :)"
    So I checked... :) but no comments on the challenge post? Maybe it just didnt take or something. LOL But thanks for the encourgement!