Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tossed It Tuesday

If you read my Tackle It Tuesday post, you would have read some of the things that I tossed today. But here it is again, with some of the other items I have tossed this past week (either donated, thrown away or given away):

  • trash that was stashed in a dead zone in our bedroom (now usable - and utilized - storage space)
  • outgrown clothing from our children (found in former bedroom dead zone)
  • outgrown shoes from our children (found in former bedroom dead zone)
  • boxes, boxes, boxes (some were from my work that I had brought home for my mom to use as she was moving and had either not made it to her yet or had been utilized by Hubby)
  • fridge items (I will spare you the exact details, but yeah, some of it wasn't pretty)
I think that is pretty much it. That dead zone today was quite the job, but it's much nicer now. In the end, I think there was one small tote of toys that was kept from the area. And the space is about five feet long, two and a half feet tall and three feet deep? Something like that anyhow. And mostly filled with junk and trash. So nice knowing that all of that is gone! Woo! Thanks again to Violet for the inspiration! (You can click on the picture to visit her and join in on the purge!)


  1. I really think that I need to start doing this again but instead of following someone else (because I get very frustrated with seeing photos of great pieces of organizational furniture that I can't afford on other blogs!) I think I'm going to start posting a once week challenge to my own blog. Would you do it with me or are you all full up with all these other challenges you're doing? *grins*

  2. I could do it. What day were you thinking of doing something on? I will have to coordinate with you to find a day that works well for my work schedule and my blogging schedule as well. :) Let me know what you are thinking though. Would love to join ya! :)