Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Seeing It In Lights...

Today's small thing involves replacing light bulbs, so I went around the house replacing them. There was a lamp in our spare bedroom that had needed the bulb replaced for about a month or so that I just haven't gotten around to, our hall bathroom had four lights out in it. We have a row of seven lights across the top of our mirror and when they had burned out, I had replaced only three of them, spaced out to every other bulb. There were two bulbs needing replaced out of the nine in our kitchen and one of the two in our lower level bathroom.

I try to keep light bulbs on hand although I don't like changing the bulbs. I don't know why I dislike doing it. It's a quick fix and makes everything look so much better, but even still, I just don't like to do it. So, that job is checked off. I think I might need to plan to do this once a month, maybe when I check the battery in my smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, just to make sure that it gets done.

And after replacing those bulbs, I need to replace two full packages of light bulbs. I put it on my list, so the next time I go to the store, I can pick those up so that I can have them on hand.

Today's task of replacing the bulbs was worth 30 points and adding light bulbs to my list was worth an additional 20 points.

March total: 50 points


  1. Hi, Deane! Thanks for coming to my blog. The video posted was not my own child. It was something we got from a newsletter. He does seem to be talented, doesn't he?

  2. He does! Oh what a doll! I don't usually watch videos on blogs, but I did that time and oh, it was worth it!