Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Minimum Maintenance

Today's assignment is to learn about Minimum Maintenance. Just simply learning about it is the first part of the assignment. The second part of the assignment is to, um, DO it. :) So, here goes. I did it. I wasn't happy that all I was able to get done was the minimum, but what can I say? Oh wait - it was what I did say, "I guess some is better than none, right?" The second part, the actual DOing part, was also worth 50 points. It didn't feel like it was worth 50 points to me, but I'll take it. :)

Also, she recommends doing three things to make it easier:

1. A daily pick-up routine
  • Spend 5 minutes in each room, 15 in the kitchen.  Just pick up what has been gotten out today.
2. An easy housekeeping schedule
  • Mondays - focus extra time on bedrooms
  • Tuesdays - focus extra time on the kitchen
  • Wednesdays - focus extra time on the den
  • Thursdays - focus extra time on the bathrooms
  • Fridays - focus extra time on the living room
  • Weekends - focus extra time on the laundry
3. A menu plan
  • See my Menu Plan Monday posts for this.

Learning about Minimum Maintenance is worth 50 points. DOing Minimum Maintenance is worth a bonus 50 points.

Total for today: 100 points
Total for January: 150 points!

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