Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tackle It Tuesday

Today is now Tuesday, so it's time to tackle something, right? Well, I did manage to tackle our Christmas decorations. I have all of the tree decorations in one tote (see-through so that I can easily recognize it for what it is when I go to store it under the stairs later today). I have all of our tabletop and wall hanging decorations in another tote (solid white but clearly labeled) and all of my Christmas wrapping supplies in yet another tote. The tote is a clear underbed storage tote, which is exactly the same length as the shorter rolls of wrapping paper, which is what I buy anyhow. I even bought some extra rolls for 1/2 off a few days ago to supplement next year's Christmas wrapping. I still need to clear out the area under the stairs where I keep our Christmas trees (yes, plural) and our Christmas totes so that they can all be put away neatly.

So, that will be my tackle for next week. Clear out the area under the stairs so that I can more neatly store our seasonal decorations. I know that I have some stray items floating around the house yet, so I plan to keep these totes accessible so that I can put the stray items away as I come across them. Item example: Boo's Christmas stocking. He loved it and took it off his coat hook (re-purposed Christmas Eve for the kids' stockings) and was carrying it around. I thought I put it back on his hook, but either I was wrong or he got to it again because when I took the other kids' stockings down, his was AWOL again.

I'll check back in next week (possibly with pictures if my camera has enough battery power or if I also happen to find the cable to charge my camera's battery between now and then - so organized I tell ya!)

My tackle for today is some errands that need to be done. Boo has a specialty clinic appointment and we have a present that needs to be returned in the same city that our appointment is in.

UPDATE at 9:00am:
You know how just before the struck-out paragraph I said (sarcastically) that I was so organized? Well, yeah, um, not so much. Apparently Boo's specialty clinic appointment was actually yesterday at 9am, not today at 1pm, as I had written down on my calendar. So, organizing fail. Whoops! Glad that I called today to confirm the appointment time before driving an hour and some to Childrens' Hospital for the appointment.

So, new plan for today's tackle: deep clean the kids' bedrooms and the guest bedroom. The Christmas toys and clutter have taken over their bedrooms and their rooms were messy before the Christmas clutter. Their rooms were supposed to be cleaned out before they brought in any of their Christmas items, but it apparently didn't happen, so today I am going to tackle their rooms and make them neat and presentable.

I also need to make sure that I get enough sleep before my work shift tonight.

UPDATE at 5:00pm:
I didn't get their rooms done. We had errands to do and such, so instead, I just got the minimum done around the house today. Just basic picking up in most of the rooms. :/ But I guess some is better than none, right?

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  1. Good job! I still need to tackle my Christmas stuff...

    New follower here! :)

  2. I'm with ya-- my tackle for today was supposed to be the Christmas stuff, but I spent the morning doing nothing (migrane) so I'm way behind. (I've promised myself ten more minutes on the computer and then back to un-decorating!)

    I'm posting a list every Tuesday  of what I've decluttered from my house that week- would love to have you join me!

  3. Thanks Marni! I was actually pretty excited to have it down. Even my kids were ready for it to come down. My little Punky Pie mentioned this weekend, "Mommy, why is our tree still up? It's past Christmas. It's weird to still have it up." I don't know that weird is necessarily the correct term, but I took that to mean that they were ready for things to come down.

    Violet - I love your list idea and I have actually written up a blog post to be able to join in this week. I will link it up in the comments. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Yikes! I know all about organizing fails. Good luck!