Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tossed It Tuesday

Violet stopped by and mentioned the theme she is planning to do on Tuesdays, that is right in line with decluttering and tackling and so on, and since Tuesday also happens to be our trash day, it's quite convenient!  :)

What we have tossed out this past week:

Well, I wanted to empty out our storage unit as I am tired of paying $115 a month on a unit when I have ample storage available in my own garage as well as lots of storage in my house.  So, we spent much of Monday emptying out the unit.  Most of the items in it were furniture pieces that actually belonged to my mother, but I had her permission to do with them as I saw fit and so rather than have them in my garage cluttering up my own space (so therefore it kinda sorta counts as MY declutter) we tossed out four dressers in various stages of disrepair, as well as an old computer monitor.  We were able to unload the storage unit completely (bye bye monthly payment!) and now our garage is yet again full but it won't be for long - especially with the aid of this blogging theme!  Next week's list is going to be astounding!


  1. Wow! This makes me tossing my Christmas packaging look pretty pale in comparison. ;) Way to go!

  2. Oh but Violet, every little bit helps! And in all fairness, we didn't have much Christmas packaging to throw away. Most of the kids' toys that they got elsewhere was also taken out of the packaging elsewhere too (so it was thrown out there too) and here's the sneaky part - we haven't allowed the kids to get into all of their presents. They have unwrapped them all, but there are many presents still in the garage in all of their original packaging. Yeah, we're mean like that. :) Actually, I just wasn't ready to bring much extra stuff into the house until some of the current stuff had gone away first. And, you got your packaging tossed out earlier than usual, so really, that much is super awesome!