Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Just Throw It Out!!

Today's assignment was to grab a bag and get rid of things. Just go through an area that we choose, grab anything that we don't like, isn't needed, is broken or we are just ready to get rid of.

I did this in my kitchen on one counter that gets piled up quickly and easily. Flylady would call it a hot spot, I call it a pain in my tush. I hate that counter. It is so set apart from the actual food prep area that it just isn't serviceable for the making of food. Wish I could rearrange my kitchen, but that is not an option, so instead, I will just clear off the counter that gets junked over. Oh - and for the record, it took a grocery bag and a half to clear off the counter, and that doesn't count the recycling that I moved to the actual recycling bin.

Okay, time for points. Yay! :) Today's task was worth 40 points!
 That brings the monthly total up to 90 points!

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